Go-To-Market Strategist Bundle

An actionable step-by-step strategy with proven fill-in templates and examples that will speed up reaching your product-market fit and enable profitable traction.

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Go-To-Market Strategist Bundle

  • GTM Strategist eBook with 350 pages of actionable advice, 135 practical frameworks and step-by-step examples (in PDF & ePub format)

  • 50-minute video training to kickstart your GTM process

  • Market Problem Map fill-out template to unlock new growth possibilities

  • Positioning fill-out framework to help you reach product-market fit

  • Community-Led Growth fill-out canvas to build a thriving community

Go-To-Market Strategist Bundle + 100-Step Go-To-Market Checklist


Everything from the regular bundle, plus a 100-step checklist in Notion and Google Sheets

✅Proven: Tested by 6500+ companies

✅Holistic: 20 workshops, 29 mental models

✅Comprehensive: 74,752 characters of content

✅Lifetime access

✅Updates at least once a quarter - I use it for my high-ticket work

✅Great UX: Beautiful sleek design 🎨

YES! I Want Maja To Solve my GTM case 🚀


100$ OFF ON THIS PAGE ONLY: For 400$ I’ll have a 90-min workshop with you and your team and SOLVE your GTM case so you can have a successful launch. Normally these calls would cost you 500$ but since this is a legit one-time offer, I decided to give you a deal. After you check the box and complete your order, I will send you a scheduling link and onboarding form to book your session. The GTM Strategist Extended License Bundle is included.

YES! I want to share the GTM book & templates with all of my team members


Get the GTM Strategist Extended license that allows you to:

✅ Share the GTM Strategist book & templates with all of your team members
❌ You cannot use the GTM Strategist bundle as a lead-magnet or resell it

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